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Endometriosis Awareness Posters - @the.happy.pelvis

Looking for informative posters about Endometriosis? 

@the.happy.pelvis created posters that can be shared in doctors office, health clinics, schools and any facility to raise awareness for this important disease.

  1. PDF Printable Endometriosis Awareness Poster (Two sizes, $12)

  2. 12x18 Printed Endometriosis Awareness Poster PLUS Vinyl sticker (Free shipping, $25)

10% of sales will be donated to Endometriosis Events

Help a Girl Out 

Help a Girl Out is a charity that focuses on period poverty. They organize donation drives within Toronto and donate Menstrual products to homeless youth, schools and anyone in need in Canada and overseas. They also provide sewing workshops and make reusable pads for youth. 
If you are interested in organizing a donation drive or volunteering please contact Help a Girl Out. 

Endo Act Canada 

Endo Act Canada created a toolkit to help endometriosis advocates in Canada contact their MP (Member of Parliament) about the need for national action plan on endometriosis.

The toolkit includes a guide to help find your MP, a template to write to your MP and a guide to help you with a successful meeting with your MP.

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