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Leah Haynes

I am an endometriosis advocate. I mix personal experience with my condition and a dedication to helping others to co-host Endometriosis Events. 


After years of intense pain, I was officially diagnosed with stage IV endometriosis. My diagnosis has allowed me to name what I’ve been battling and has given me the strength and encouragement to make a change.


I have a passion for raising awareness through various functions in the Greater Toronto Area and a support group, which I help facilitate, for those with suspected and diagnosed endometriosis. I have a history of coordinating special events from my childhood and have let this passion grow in to a great cause benefiting many. 


Tami Ellis

Since the age of 12, I have always had excruciating period pain that would make me nauseated. I would curl up in a ball with a hot water bottle pressed against my stomach to try and relieve the pain. Sadly this pain eventually became my new normal. 


In 2017, I was officially diagnosed with stage IV endometriosis. I had a laparoscopic excision surgery, and my appendix and both fallopian tubes were removed. Since then my passion for raising awareness and connecting with my fellow warriors inspired me to help launch Endometriosis Events. 


Although there are moments when endometriosis has filled me with anger and sadness. I am grateful that it has also empowered me to use my voice and be an advocate in the endometriosis community. 

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